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A Lifelong Passion…

Although Three Pedal Motorcars incorporated in 2022, it represents a lifelong passion or some might say “addiction” for sports cars!  Owner, Mitch Griffin’s interest in cars was sparked quite naturally by his parents who both raced stock cars on dirt tracks in the 1940s. Their enthusiasm for automobiles and driving fast was contagious and they supported young Mitch’s budding interest by allowing him free rein in the family garage.

As a youngster, Mitch loved mechanical devices and anything with an engine – especially minibikes and karts.  At 8 years old, he “stole” the 3 ½ horsepower engine off his grandfather’s garden tiller to replace the 2 ½ horsepower engine on his kart. While he was applauded for his ingenuity, Mitch did have to swap back the tiller engine! But after he had experienced the increased horsepower capacity, the difference in speed, and satisfaction of making it work, Mitch’s automotive passion was ignited and has continued throughout his life.


Mitch's 1969 Fiat 850 Spider

As a teenager, Mitch’s first car, was a 1969 Fiat 850 Spider purchased for $850 in 1972.  While most of his friends were into muscle cars, Mitch was always a sports car guy.  However, the 850 required an adeptness in problem solving and mechanical arts to stay in driving condition. So, rather than a “labor of love,” work on the 850 was a necessity.  Remember, this was a time when individuals and families only had “our car” – before the days of a “daily driver” or “fun car.”  A friend recently asked Mitch, “That Fiat 850, weren’t you always working on the carburetor?”  He replied, “No…while I worked on the carb a lot, I also worked on the starter, the brakes, the water pump, the radiator, the electrical system….so while I was always working on that car, I wasn’t always working on the carburetor!”  Still, that little Fiat provided so much fun – riding with the top down, shifting gears, feeling the road through the steering – he was hooked!

Over the last four decades, a veritable “who’s who” of sports cars have had a place in Mitch’s garage including Aston Martin V8 Vantage, BMWs –  E46, Z3 & Z4, Ferrari F355, Honda S2000, Jaguar XKE, Jensen-Healey, Mazda RX7, MG Midget, MGA, several Lotus models – Europa, Elan, Esprit, and Evora, Sunbeam Tiger, and Toyota MR2.  Mechanicals in modern vehicles have changed and over the years, Mitch has become adept in utilizing on-board diagnostic (OBD) readers to gain insight into the critical internal workings of vehicles. These tools, his expertise, and ability to evaluate a car’s value are useful in his quest to source the best vehicles to offer to customers – whether buying on specification through his “concierge” service or offering as part of his inventory.

Over 4 Decades of Sports Car Passion

Three Pedal Motorcars is focused on customer satisfaction – a win-win exchange between the client and our company. The purpose of Three Pedal Motorcars is to enable customers to acquire the car of their dreams effortlessly.

We are always happy to talk cars and discuss what make and model will add some pleasure to your life.

Mitch’s 30+ year career as a Professor of Marketing at Bradley University enabled him to assist students, corporate clients, and the University to better serve their clients. Now Mitch can concentrate on his own customers and provide exceptional service that exceeds their expectations.

Put Mitch’s decades of experience negotiating the purchase and sale of vehicles to work for you and give him a call to discuss your next vehicle purchase.

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